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Breakdown Cover for Europe

If you already have breakdown cover for commuting or for your ordinary driving, you know how convenient it is. If you have a flat tire or your battery goes dead, there is no question about who to call. You have a number already on hand, perhaps even on speed dial on your phone, and you know that you can quickly get help. What you might not know is that if you are planning to travel outside your usual area, you might need additional coverage. This is especially true if you plan a motor tour of Europe.

Different Countries, Different Rules

Not all countries have the same rules for motoring. Your breakdown insurance agent can help you determine whether your ordinary policy will be adequate for the locations you will visit, or whether you will need additional coverage. Most companies offer temporary or vacation policies that can be added onto your regular breakdown cover to meet the requirements of the places that you plan to visit. It is a good plan to share your travel itinerary with your agent, just to be sure that you have good coverage at all times during your journey.

Packing Up and Prepping Your Vehicle

Some countries have stringent rules about things you should carry in your car. Most of the items are simple common sense, and are good to have no matter where you are traveling. They include reflective vests for in case you need to leave your vehicle, triangular emergency signs that can be put up to alert other motorists that you have a problem, and a basic first aid kit. Other things that you might want to add are water, concentrated emergency food such as granola bars, rain or all-weather gear, and a blanket or two. Chances are, especially if you have a rental car from a reputable company, you won’t need any of those things. But it never hurts to be prepared, even if you find that your emergency kit is completely unnecessary.

The Value of Breakdown Insurance in a Foreign Country

If you are traveling in an area where you do not speak the language, or if you speak only basic vocabulary, being able to call someone who speaks your language can make a huge difference to your peace of mind. Sometimes it seems as if auto mechanics speak a language all their own, filled with terms like “differential joints” or “timing chains.” Your breakdown cover contact person will be able to help you understand what your mechanic is telling you about the reason your vehicle has developed a problem and his recommendations for what to do about it.

Extended Repairs

If you have arranged to drive your own car in another country and it develops a major mechanical problem, you might be faced with the dilemma of what to do if your vehicle’s stay at the repair shop exceeds your planned vacation and/or visa time. Breakdown insurance cover to the rescue! Not only can the right policy net you a rental car, overnight accommodations, and the ability to finish your planned journey, but it can also help get your vehicle back to you after it has been repaired.

European Breakdown Cover

European breakdown cover is a peace of mind for your vacation or for your extended business trip. With a policy in place, your only worry will be tearing yourself away from one amazing sight in time to make it to events or appointments.

Automobile mechanical failure is no fun at the best of times. When you are in a strange place where you might face language barriers, it is even less fun. Visit with your breakdown cover agent as part of planning your trip.