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About us
The Alma Tavern Theatre first opened its doors in 1997 when the two grotty function rooms above the pub were transformed into a small but perfectly formed theatre. The studio space accommodates 50 people in tiered seating so everyone has a pretty good view of the stage. And, of course, you can take your drink into the theatre. Well, it wouldn't be a proper pub theatre without that, would it?

The last ten years have seen hundreds of productions, of which nearly 50 have been world premieres. There have been classics, comedies, dramas, absurdist plays, modern plays, new plays, plays with no words and even plays in Latvian. So if you've never been along to the theatre, you've missed a lot!

But don't worry - there's always plenty of exciting stuff coming up. Every autumn Theatre West takes over with ten weeks of new writing and through the rest of the year there's a vibrant mix of local and touring companies. Fragile Theatre Partnership, Bristol Old Vic Theatre School, SWAN and Plain Clothes are all regular visitors. So have a look at what's coming up and make a date to visit the Alma Tavern Theatre soon.
Current shows
30th June - 2nd July
Something Underground Theatre Company
A Good Jew
by Jonathan Brown

8th - 9th July
Sheep Soup Productions
The Invention of Acting
by N. Harvey & B. Welch

10th July
Anna Kurtz
We Felt His Heart Beating
by Anna Kurtz

12th & 13th July
Avant Productions
Love Labours Won
by RJW Smith

14th - 19th July
Studiospace / Balloon Lungs Theatre
Hurricane Hands / Fish and Chips
by P. Simmonds, R. Kent, A. Mills & H. Petty

20th - 22nd July
Reprint Productions
The Ruby in the Smoke
by Philip Pullman (adapted by M. Perham)

25th - 31st July
PaddleBoat Theatre Company
Margo and Mr. Whatsit
by PaddleBoat

26th - 30th July
Distant Mirror
The Servant of the Seat
by Matthew Houghton