The Alma Tavern Theater first opened its doors in 1997

Over two decades ago, a small theater opened its doors in Bristol, aiming to bring culture and entertainment to the people of the city. Tucked away behind the bustling streets, this venue has become a key player in providing fresh and innovative performances within an intimate and inviting space.

First opening its doors in 1997, The Alma Tavern Theater has grown to become a staple of Bristol’s theater scene, providing an opportunity for local talent to showcase their skills, as well as nurturing relationships with visiting production companies. Evolving from their humble beginnings as an accommodation house for traveling actors in 1850, the theater’s journey demonstrates resilience and determination. Taking a look back at their history reveals just what makes this venue such a beloved part of Bristol’s community.

The Venue Itself

Situated behind the Alma Tavern Pub, the venue is placed in the heart of Bristol. Attracting patrons with its laid-back atmosphere and candlelit interior, the pub instantly provides theater-goers with a warm welcome before even arriving at the performance space.

The theater is located down an alleyway at the rear of the pub, giving it an air of being hidden away from the world – a secret for their dedicated and passionate guests to discover. Seating capacity at the Alma Tavern Theater ranges from thirty-five to forty audience members, creating an intimate experience that allows one to truly immerse themselves in each performance.

Promoting New Talent

One of The Alma Tavern Theater’s core visions is to act as a platform for up-and-coming talent within the world of drama. Eager to provide locals with opportunities for creative expression, they have dedicated themselves to nurturing young performers and fostering burgeoning talent. Offering not just acting roles but also practical technical experience with lighting, sound design, and marketing – The Alma Tavern Theater strives to create an environment that breeds success within its four walls.

Bringing Quality Theatre To The People Of Bristol

Whether you’re interested in comedy or tragedy; contemporary plays or classic adaptations; there is something for everyone at The Alma Tavern Theater. With 150 productions taking place each year – including open auditions for each show – this small venue ensures that Bristol remains on the forefront of cutting-edge independent drama.

In recent years, The Alma has staged several ambitious projects; ranging from showcasing local artists’ work through exhibitions and hosting spoken word nights to developing partnerships with neighboring theatres such as Tobacco Factory Theatre.

Fostering Community Engagement

Since its inception twenty-four years ago, The Alma Tavern Theater has been committed to forging strong relationships within their community. Supporting charitable initiatives throughout the years has become as much a cornerstone of their identity as their dedication towards providing quality theatre experiences.

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